New product names for Citrix

Like most of you may heard, Citrix has changed again their product names. Nothing the world really needs but we have to deal with it. So here we go: Citrix Receiver      = Workspace App XenApp                 = Virtual Apps XenDesktop          = Virtual Desktops XenServer             = Citrix Hypervisor NetScaler ADC     = Citrix ADC A full list you'll find here: citrix-product-guide/

Private fix before installing Citrix 7.15 CU2 for VDA

Before you install the version 7.15 CU2 for VDA you need to get a private fix (LC9648) from Citrix. Otherwise it can happen that your black screen error when booting your provisioned machines still exists. continued-problems-with-black-screen-at-session-start-with-windows-10

Last stable running NetScaler 12.x version

Like you may also experienced the last versions of NetScaler 12.x were so buggy that it is almost impossible to work correctly with them. After a short talk with colleagues I would recommend the version as latest stable running version.