Export a list of all XenApp 7.x published applications via Powershell

If you want to export a list of all published applications used in your environment you can do this with PowerShell. First add the Citrix PowerShell snapin: asnp Citrix.* Then run the Command which will export a TXT File which contains the Published Name and the Application Name. This can be extended to almost anything you need. More parameters you'll find in the Citrix Developer Documentation: MaxRecordCount 300 extends the output to 300 objects. The default value is 250. If you have more then 250 Applications you need this value.  Get-Brokerapplication -MaxRecordCount 300 | Select-Object PublishedName,ApplicationName | fl >c:\application.txt Then you'll find the TXT file in your specified output folder: It will be displayed like this: