Add Users to a Active Directory Group with Powershell and remove them from the old group

Moving a big amount of Users from one AD Group to another can be easily done with Powershell.  At first create a .txt file where you can copy all of your Users you want to remove from an old AD Group and add them to a new one. I called this "userslist.exe" and placed it under C:\Users\etc Things you need to replace are marked in RED $users = Get-Content C:\ YOUR_PATH \userslist.txt $userId = @() foreach ($user in $users) { $userId += Get-ADUser $user } #AD Group Binding $oldGroup = Get-ADGroup ' YOUR_OLD_GROUP_NAME ' $newGroup = Get-ADGroup '  YOUR_NEW_GROUP_NAME ' foreach ($user in $userId) {    Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity $oldGroup -Members $user -Confirm:$false    Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $newGroup -Members $user -Confirm:$false      }