Upgrade Citrix XenApp from 7.13 to 7.15 LTSR

I will descripe on this site how we can update the XenApp Infrastructure from XenApp 7.13 to XenApp 7.15 LTSR.
I'm not the first with such a documentation, but I want to share my experience with you.

1.0 Hints for updating XenApp to Version 7.15.1

Make sure that the Citrix Telemetry Service is stopped. Otherwise the update process will fail.

 1.1 Back up the Delivery Controller databases

Before you can start with the Citrix update process you need to back up the Citrix databases. These are:
Site – stores running site configuration, current session state and connection info.
Logging – Information about site configuration changes and administrative activities (only enabled when configuration logging is enabled)
Monitoring – stores Director data, like session and connection information.

1.2 Upgrade Director

Update your Citrix Director if it is installed on a separate machine from your Delivery Controllers After you inserted the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15 Edition disk/ISO you need to choose the Upgrade . Click on "Upgrade: Studio and Server Components"

A new window will appear where you need to confirm the Citrix Software License Agreement.
Choose accept and then click next.

In the next window you will see the sequence of the upgrade process. Just tick the checkbox at the bottom of the window and click next.

The next window  will ask you, if you want to “Install Windows Remote Assistance”. We need it, if we want to shadow the users. So I assume in this article that we need to enable it.

When you continue, you’ll reach the window where you need to specify the firewall rules.
You can choose automatically and continue.

You will see a summary if all your chosen settings. Please check if they are alright and press the upgrade button.

The installation will complete successful and you can check launch Director and see if it's running without any errors.

1.3 Backup templates and upgrade hypervisors

It is recommended to take a snapshot of your Citrix Servers (Storefront, Director, XDC, licencse)
I'm running the infrastructure on XenServer, so I took it via XenCenter:

Enter a name and press the “take snapshot” button.

You’ll see that the creation was successful.                                                                                             

1.4 Upgrade Provisioning Services if in use

1.5 Upgrade the Virtual Delivery Agent and perform an image update on all master image

1.6 Upgrade half of your Delivery Controllers (all components)

Map the XenApp/Xendesktop 7.15 ISO to the Delivery Controller and click „ Upgrade Studio and Server Components“.

Accept the Software License Agreement and proceed.

You will get a window with the steps for the upgrade. Just confirm it.

The next window will lead you to the firewall configuration. Choose automatically and click next.

The summary window shows you all your selected settings. Check them and press upgrade.

You will get a warning, that you cannot cancel the upgrade. Confrim the message and the upgrade will start.

You’ll be up to date to the upgrade process due to the progress bar.

When the update is finished you can select “Launch Studio” and click finish.

1.7 Use the upgraded version of Studio to perform Site upgrade

After you finished updating the Delivery Controllers open the Citrix Studio to update the Site.
You will get two options. One is the auto upgrade and the other one is the manual upgrade of the Site. You can choose the auto upgrade here.

You will be asked if you are ready for the upgrade. Confirm and continue.

After the site update has been completed you will receive an information window if everything was successful or if any problems occurred.
Failures and warnings need to be controlled therefore click show report.

After the Site update is successfull you will see a hint that you can now upgrade the remaining delivery controllers.

1.8 Upgrade your remaining Delivery Controllers

After you upgraded the last Delivery Controller you can open Citrix Studio and you will see that all is working.

That's it now everything should be running on 7.15 LTSR


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