Citrix HDX Engine Crash with SAP

In Citrix XenApp 7.15 with Reciever 4.9 Citrix run into an error when users are running an informative calculation within SAP.
The error message tells that Citrix HDX Engine stopped working and the user is getting kicked out of the session.
When he is logging on again, informative calculation is finished without any problems.
After a Citrix case and a lot of traces we got the information that SAP sends for some reasons 42 sound files in 16 seconds during the calculation and Citrix crashes with file no. 41.
We disabled the sound settings in SAP GUI and the problem was solved.
Excuse the german Screenshot:

At the sound settings you can disable sound signal.
The reg key you need for disabling in a policy is:

Choose Reg_SZ and set it to "off"

Turn this off and you're fine.


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